Das Bild zeigt eine Gruppe älterer Menschen

3. Workshop in Middelburg (Netherlands) – 2nd to 3rd November 2017


Representatives of the European project partners met in Middelburg (Netherlands) from 2 to 3 November 2017 to attend the third Workshop of the ERASMUS+ “Silver Learners” project.


The workshop was organized by NFE in cooperation with the stichting werken en leren. The main focus was on the further education for everyday life for seniors. How can the older generation be supported in their ICT-influenced daily lives? How can new tools be made appropriate for elderly people?

After welcoming words and an introduction of the workshop programme, all project partners presented knowledge with the output of the last two workshops. One aim of the project is to learn from each other and to adapt new initiatives. Accordingly the programme offered several opportunities to learn from partners and their experiences.

The second day started with welcoming words from the alderman of the city of Middelburg, Mrs. S. Szarafinski. More than 100 people particitpated on the workshop, which was moderated by Arend Roos. Keynote speakers from the University of Utrecht gave an overall view of learning in the elderly and the effect of music on people with late stage dementia.

Information about different local projects follows: „Socialcare”, „virtual and mixed reality”, „elderly and digital skills”, „Lets get digital”, „Jobgroup” presented by project managers and shared their previous experiences. A transnational working group from the participating project partners from Poland and Northern Ireland assessed three workshops and gave a survey of the results in the afternoon:

  • What new technology in every day life of seniors us or want?
  • What kind of cometences do teachers need?
  • What do we miss to reach and teach seniors digital skills? What need for the future?

The afternoon ended with the meeting of the steering group. The participants spoke particularly about formalities, finances, evaluation and the next meetings.

In the evening, a city guide took the attending project partners on an informative tour of Middelburg and explained the historical development of the town and the light event “waterlight” by the artist Daan Roosegaarde.