Partner Meeting - Nyíregyháza (Ungary) 10 to 12 November 2021

Nyíregyháza was the venue of the fourth international partner meeting. The main topic of the partner meeting was the digitalisation of third learning places and the importance of digital skills for both staff and clients. Representatives met - in a partly hybrid meeting - to discuss the third learning places. This concept refers to the sharing of knowledge, where participants learn new skills informally in alternative settings, rather than at home, at work or through formal education. The project participants met at the Móricz Zsigmond Library, Nyíregyháza, Hungary.
In his welcome speech, the Deputy Mayor of Nyíregyháza Menyhért Jászai presented the experiences of the past months and the ways in which digitalisation has been able to help greatly during the pandemic in Nyíregyháza. For example, the city launched a special green number for those whose families were unable to help them with shopping or medication during the crackdown. In addition, a Nyíregyháza Application has been developed, through which it is possible to manage different issues or make a report in a few minutes.

Juhász Gerg? (JátékosLét, Hungary) gave a deep insight into the “Digital Success Programme” which aims in empowering Hungarian citizens in the world of digitalisation. Following, in two groups, participants were assessing the minimal digital requirements of Third Places answering the questions:

  • What digital infrastructure a third place must have?
  • Why are they needed?
  • Are they enough?
  • Do we use the full potential of the tools?
  • What equipment are missing?
  • What tools can boost the efficiency

On the second day the Caudete Team presented their impressive work with TIKTOK to attract young people for books, reading and visiting the library. The colleagues from the Oosterschelde Library impressed the other participants with their well-developed system of internal media coaching and how they cope with a rapidly digital developing society. Afterwards, the participants could enhance their own skills, by creating the project's own advertisements on digitalisation in the Zsigmond Móricz library's green screen room.
During two parallel field trips the groups collected and discussed impressions on the question: What should be the role of Third Places in developing digital skills? While visiting

1.    „Labor Café” a community funded café as a third place
2.    „Digitális Közösségi Alkotóm?hely” (Digital Community-based Workshop)
        and getting involved a creative digital process